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FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Cinnamon Swirl Wheat Loaf

Add nutritious whole grains to your diet with this fluffy loaf, fragrant with cinnamon. We’ve taken bread flour and enriched it with some whole wheat (stone ground preferred) and omega-3 rich flax seeds. A plump layer of Cinnamon Schmear™ Filling makes an attractive swirl after the loaf is sliced.  Serve toasted to release its aroma.

Cinnamon Swirl Wheat Loaf

Here’s the recipe for Cinnamon Swirl Wheat Loaf.

HERITAGE RECIPE – Poppy Seed Sweet Bread

Fans of poppy seed filled breads come out in force during the holiday baking season.  We get rush orders for people making Opa’s poppy seed rolls or grandma’s kolaches. 

For those without a legacy recipe, we’ve made this tender sweet bread. The dough is soft and rolls easily into a plump loaf.  To contain the poppyseed filling, we encased it into three logs of dough.  Then we braided the dough before putting it into the pan before baking. 

Poppy Seed Sweet Bread

For the Poppy Seed Sweet Bread recipe, click here.