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Last Minute Valentine Recipe – Sweetheart Chocolate Marzipan Bites

Sweetheart Chocolate and Marzipan Bites


Running out of time for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a sweet morsel you can whip up for that “special someone” in just a few minutes.

A little marzipan is tucked underneath a dollop of our Chocolate Schmear in a mini tart shell. When warmed, the Schmear softens and its flavor blooms. Pop these in the oven for a few minutes then top with a slice of fresh strawberry or a few raspberries. If you’re feeling crafty, mold tiny heart from marzipan to garnish each tartlet before serving. You’ll find buttery tartlet shells at specialty supermarkets but frozen phyllo dough shells will work just as well.

For the Sweetheart Marzipan Bites recipe, click here.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Chocolate Marzipan Heart Cake

Chocolate Marzipan Heart Cake



The rich flavors of marzipan and chocolate always spell romance. This is a delicious special occasion cake, made stunning with a marzipan plaque made from a House on the Hill Mold. (Tinted Love’n Bake Marzipan rolled and cut out in a heat shape will also do the trick.) 

We made this heart-shaped cake with basic brownie mix but any brownie recipe made in heart-shaped pans will do. Cover it with a 5-minute chocolate glaze and you have the perfect canvas for marzipan embellishments. 

For the recipe, click here.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Love Letter Heart Cookies


Love Letter Cookies

Call us old school, but something hand crafted still shows you care more than the latest gadget or flashy greeting card. Custom-decorated cookies are all the rage and we’ve found a way to make them easily at home. A crisp sugar cookie is the canvas for our Love Letter Cookies. A heart-shaped plaque of tinted marzipan sends the message and tastes terrific. We’ve fussed a bit with a little Royal Icing, pearl sugar garnish and a piece of satin ribbon, which is not really necessary. Tuck each cookie into an envelope before “sending.”

We used a favorite sugar cookie recipe but purchased dough would also work well. Make as many or few cookies as you need, freezing the extra dough for another use.

For the Love Letter Heart Cookies recipe, click here