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FROM OUR RECIPE BOX- Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge Bars

Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge Squares

No lunch box brownie, these sophisticated bars, with subtle hazelnut undertones, resemble chocolate truffles or firm ganache. The Love’n Bake Hazelnut Praline adds nuttiness to the flavor of the bars, which are enhanced with two kinds of chocolate. (Use the best quality chocolate you can find.)

To retain their fudgy quality, bake these bar at a steady low temperature until set and the surface is lightly and uniformly dry. (Touch the surface with your fingertip; if some batter sticks, cool a few minutes longer.) Once cooled and portioned, the bars will keep for a week in the refrigerator or up to a month in the freezer. Just remember to let them warm slightly before serving. (We owe credit to the book Chocolate Obsession by Fran Gage for inspiring this recipe.)

Here is the Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge Square recipe.

From a Friend – Hazelnut King Cake

Michelle Meche's Hazelnut King Cake

 Let the good times roll.  Michelle Meche won an inspiration box of Love’n Bake ingredients through a contest we sponsored with Foodie Blogroll.  She was kind enough to send us the link to her post and this message. “I (finally!) made a King Cake using the hazelnut praline that was part of my goodie box.  The recipe makes a traditional New Orleans style King Cake.  The hazelnut praline worked very well as a King Cake filling.  No problems at all and the flavor it lent to the cake was great.”

Don’t forget. Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday, February 16, 2010.  Visit Michelle’s blog for this recipe.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Filled Hazelnut Sandies or Linzer Cookies

What are the most popular cookies on your holiday cookie tray?  In our house, these hazelnut sandies would be the first to disappear. First there is the double dose of hazelnut in the form of praline paste and ground hazelnuts to add a depth of flavor.  Then there is the crisp texture, always appealing to cookie fanatics.  Then the appealing Linzer cookie shape to catch the eye.  And a generous dusting of powdered sugar elevates this cookie to top billing.

Dusting the tops of the cookies with powdered sugar.

Filled Hazelnut Sandies

This recipe is one of many provided to us by commercial bakers who use American Almond Products.  We scaled down the recipe to a manageable size although you might have to double the batch to make enough for all your fans.

Click here for the Filled Hazelnut Sandies recipe.