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FROM OUR FRIENDS – Rainbow Cookies

Rainbow Cookies

This festive “cookie” is really a cake. Like many classic petit fours, Neapolitans are thin layers of rich butter cake sandwiched with jam. Almond paste in the batter keeps the cake moist for a week or more at room temperature, a month or more when frozen.

Don’t be daunted by what appears to be a complicated cake. Now that smaller baking sheets (9 x 13 inches) are available, it’s easy to make uniform shaped layers. Divide the work into two stages. Make the cakes and layer them on one day. Ice and cut them another. A rich chocolate coating is traditional in bakeries where these Rainbow Cookies are sold. Chocolate fudge icing would also work well.

Traditional during the end of year holidays, we like to serve these at special occasions year round.

Here’s our Rainbow Cookie recipe.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Nutty Butter Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Nutty Butter Chocolate Cookie

The gooey cocoa goodness of our Chocolate Schmear™ inspired these sandwich cookies. Our version of an ever popular peanut butter cookie recipe is but one of the many cookies that could be sandwiched with the Schmear™. Chocolate chip, vanilla wafer, sugar, cinnamon or even oatmeal cookies get a lift from a yummy-layer of this intense all-natural filling. When the cookies are stored in an airtight container, the Chocolate Schmear™ center stays moist.

Several pointers for making perfect sandwich cookies. Save time and make uniformly-sized cookies by portioning the dough with a scoop. A small ice cream scoop works or buy a “cookie dough scoop,” a small investment for the usefulness of this tool. Space the cookies evenly on the baking sheet. If you bake a large number of cookies at one time, switch the shelves on which the cookies are baking half way though. This ensures even browning if your oven is inconsistent.

Here’s the Nutty Butter Chocolate Sandwich Cookies recipe.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Krispie Hazelnut Treats

Krispy Hazelnut Treats

When spending time making snacks for the school set, how about making a treat for yourself? We blended Love’n Bake Hazelnut Praline into a batch of Rice Krispy treats for a subtle, toasted nut flavor, a perfect complement to a cup of strong espresso.

There’s nothing like a childhood favorite that’s all grown up.

Here’s the recipe for Krispie Hazelnut Treats.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Almond, Lemon, Poppyseed Sablé Cookies

Sablés are a deceptively modest cookie found in every bakery in France.   Usually they are studded with raisins, scented with orange rind and rich with butter. The word means “sandy” in French and these delights crumble easily when eaten. We wanted a summery cookie to serve with fruit and ice cream and thought of featuring the bright taste of lemon and almond in our sablé. The poppy seeds give these cookies an extra pop when eaten.

The sablé dough is easy to make but needs a thorough chilling before rolling. Flour your table and rolling pin generously before rolling out the dough. This helps keep the tender dough from sticking. Use a ruler and a rolling cutter to score the dough before baking. Then break it into individual cookies once they cool. We put almond extract into the glaze but you may prefer to use vanilla or keep it plain. Either way these are a crowd-pleasing favorite that travel and freeze well, ideal for summer entertaining.

Here is the Almond, Lemon, Poppyseed Sablé Cookie recipe.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Cinnamon Swirl Oatmeal and Raisin Bars

Whether packing a picnic or lunchbox, these Cinnamon Swirl Oatmeal and Raisin Bars are an ideal choice.  The combination of oats and raisins makes them chewy and moist.  The chocolate and cinnamon swirls make them a little bit special….and addicting.  Substitute diced dried apricots, currants, dry cherries or a combination for the raisins. These bars could also be coated with chocolate icing. Once cut, store the bars in a tightly sealed container in the freezer.  They are a handy treat to have on hand for a last minute dessert (with ice cream or grilled fruit) and will keep for several weeks.

Cinnamon Swirl Oatmeal and Raisin Bars

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Orange Poppy Seed Shortbread Tart

We’re always hunting for versatile recipes, customizable to suit a whim or an

Orange Poppyseed Shortbread tart

ingredient on hand.  Here’s one inspired by the recipe for Hungarian Shortbread in the cookbook Baking with Julia.  It is a buttery, soft shortbread dough.  We’ve sandwiched it with Love’n Bake Poppy Seed Filling.  There is no rolling involved.  Instead you grate the dough right into the pan then pat it down into an even layer.

The filling combinations are endless.  You could use lemon zest in the dough or add a ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon, allspice or cardamom.  You can change up the fillings; Love’n Bake Almond, Chocolate or Cinnamon Schmear work well.  And you can layer the fillings such as almond with raspberry preserves or chocolate with apricot jam.  Even dabs of cream cheese on top of a filling like our Prune Lekvar would work well.

The dough freezes well as does the baked pastry.  Keep one on hand for that unexpected guest.

Here is the Orange Poppy Seed Shortbread Tart recipe.

Saint Patrick’s Day Cookie? Why not?

With Saint Patrick’s Day on the horizon, we got to thinking about all things green.  Pistachio Paste came to mind and our favorite Pistachio Harlequin Cookies.  (These are made with the same dough used to make the Pistachio Schoolboy Cookies.)  If piping cookies seems like too much fuss, here’s a closer look at how we made them.  First, here is the dough after mixing.  It is firm but softy enough to pipe.

We use a cookie press because it can be easier to handle than a pastry bag fitted with the star tip.

The dough has just the right consistency to retain its shape after baking.  You can still see the crisp impressions and a little browning on the ridges of the dough.

Once you dip the end of each cookie in the melted chocolate and butter mixture, place them on a silicone mat if you have one.  Or use parchment paper.  Let them sit at room temperature and they will set up and pop easily from the mat.

Here’s the finished result.  If you prefer a cookie with a richer green color, add a few drops of food coloring to the batter.

(Here is some useful information on how to stir the oil back into pistachio paste when you open the can.)