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FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Dried Plum, Cream Cheese and Walnut Tassies

We conceived of these lekvar and cream cheese-filled cookies as something for Rosh Hashanah to bring a sweet start to the Jewish New Year. But they will be just as welcome at a tailgate party or on an autumn picnic. Serve them with a cup of strong tea or even a glass of Sherry for dessert. (Try this recipe with any of our Schmears™ or our Poppy Seed Filling.)

Dried Plum, Cream Cheese and Walnut Tassies

A tassie is a small tart tin, like a mini cup cake pan with sloped sides. Popular in British cooking, tassie pans are ideal for jam tartlets such as Bakewell Tarts or Swedish almond Mazarins. You can find these pans at specialty stores but mini muffin tins work just as well.

Here’s the recipe for Dried Plum, Cream Cheese and Walnut Tassies.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Poppy Butter Bundt Cake

Looking for a moist butter cake that’s not too sweet, something to serve with coffee or tea after a light supper or brunch? Are you a fan of poppy seeds? If the answer is “yes”, then this is the recipe for you. The batter for our buttery Bundt cake surrounds a surprise swirl of poppy seed filling. There’s a nutty quality to the seeds that contrasts nicely with the tangy sour cream and lemon in the batter.

Poppy Butter Mini Bundt Cake

Bake the cake into a sumptuous loaf or in mini pans as we did for the photograph. (This recipe makes 8 mini Bundt cakes or one 10-inch cake.) For chocolate or spice lovers, our Chocolate, Almond or Cinnamon Schmears™ would work well in this recipe. And consider dressing it up with a light sugar or lemon glaze.

Here’s the Poppy Butter Bundt Cake recipe.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Berry, Berry Almond Crisp

For summer, we wanted an all purpose almond dough, one that can be used with all the succulent fruits of the season. This dough, rich in almond flavor with the slight nuttiness of rolled oats, is one we hope fits the bill. Make this fruit crisp and serve it warm with ice cream.  It can be easily  cut into bars. Crumble this dough over your favorite baking dish full of sliced apples, peaches or pears. Sprinkle it over individual ramekins of fresh berries.

Berry, Berry Crumble

You can even fill this recipe with our Almond, Chocolate or Cinnamon “Schmear”™ Fillings.

Here is the Berry, Berry Almond Crisp recipe.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Strawberry Rhubarb Almond Tart

The finished Tart.

Following the theme of perfect pairings, strawberries and rhubarb are companionable ingredients. But don’t overlook the happy flavor combination of these two spring fruits and almonds. Here we’ve used a generous layer of Love’n Bake Almond Schmear™ on a flaky tart dough. Not only does the Schmear add its lovely almond fragrance, it also acts as a moisture barrier keeping the crust crisp after baking.

Here’s the recipe for  Strawberry Rhubarb Almond Tart.

1 Rolling out the dough.

2 Spreading an even layer of Almond Schmear over the dough.

3 Covering the dough with an even layer of the strawberry and rhubarb mixture.

4 Folding over the edges of the dough to form an edge on the tart.

5 The unbaked tart with the edges formed.

6 The unbaked tart sprinkled with sugar and dotted with butter.

7 Closeup of the crust and tart after baking.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Almond Swirl Cheesecake Muffins

Almond Swirl Cheesecake Muffins

 Sometimes a whole cheesecake is just too much. The long, slow time in the oven then the cooling and refrigerating means making cheesecake can take 2 days before you get one bite. These mini cheesecake muffins are for anyone in a hurry. Made easily in a muffin pan, they can be ready to serve in a couple of hours. 

We flavored the batter with a swirl of Love’n Bake Almond Schmear. The burst of almond contrasts with the tart creaminess of the cream cheese. And for springtime, we’re serving them with a chunky strawberry rhubarb sauce, which pairs well with almonds and cream. (A blueberry topping would be just as delicious.)

Here is the recipe for Almond Swirl Cheesecake Muffins.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Orange Poppy Seed Shortbread Tart

We’re always hunting for versatile recipes, customizable to suit a whim or an

Orange Poppyseed Shortbread tart

ingredient on hand.  Here’s one inspired by the recipe for Hungarian Shortbread in the cookbook Baking with Julia.  It is a buttery, soft shortbread dough.  We’ve sandwiched it with Love’n Bake Poppy Seed Filling.  There is no rolling involved.  Instead you grate the dough right into the pan then pat it down into an even layer.

The filling combinations are endless.  You could use lemon zest in the dough or add a ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon, allspice or cardamom.  You can change up the fillings; Love’n Bake Almond, Chocolate or Cinnamon Schmear work well.  And you can layer the fillings such as almond with raspberry preserves or chocolate with apricot jam.  Even dabs of cream cheese on top of a filling like our Prune Lekvar would work well.

The dough freezes well as does the baked pastry.  Keep one on hand for that unexpected guest.

Here is the Orange Poppy Seed Shortbread Tart recipe.

Many Reasons to Give Thanks

At this time of the year, we try to give thanks in any way we can.  A donation, a phone call or the surprise gift of something from the oven. 

Here are a few recipes that might help you with the latter. A pumpkin raisin loaf with cinnamon topping, a flaky pear and almond tart and a golden almond polenta cake saturated with lemon syrup.  And two bonus recipes, a French pear frangipane tarte and a decadent chocolate pistachio pie. We hope these recipes will take you into the holiday season. And help you give thanks.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Pumpkin Raisin Apple Loaf with Cinnamon Streusel

Pumpkin Raisin Apple Cake with Cinnamon Streusel

Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkin.  This moist loaf is studded with fruits. The pumpkin puree makes the crumb especially tender and gives it an orange hue.  Cinnamon Schmear in the streusel topping adds a burst of taste and texture.

We’ve added a few marzipan pumpkins to set the scene for our photo.  Send us an email and we’ll share our tips for how to make these pumpkins at home.  It is an easy project to do with the kids.

Pumpkin Raisin Apple Loaf with Cinnamon Streusel

Pear Frangipane Tart

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Pear Almond Frangipane Tart

 Serendipity made us try our favorite rustic tart recipe using ripe Bosc pears and a generous layer of Almond Schmear. (See Our Thanks below.) The crust dough is mixed in the food processor.  It stays flaky because the fat is left in good sized chunks. Slices of ripe pears are cushioned on a generous layer of Almond Schmear, a sweet contrast to the savory crust.

The trick is baking the tart long enough so that the crust browns thoroughly.  The pear slices should also develop nice browned edges.  We normally bake this tart on a paper-lined baking sheet.  It bakes even better when the baking sheet is placed on a pre-heated baking stone.  (When testing this recipe, we discovered that Emile Henry has a flat ceramic platter, part of a Tarte Tatin set, which acts as both a baking stone and serving plate. It produced the excellent results shown in this photo.)

 Pear Almond Frangipane Tart

Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz

OUR THANKS –  French Pear Frangipane Tarte from David Lebovitz

 Cookbook author and food blogger extraordinaire, David Lebovitz created a lovely seasonal pear tart recipe, which he posted on his web site earlier this month.  The step-by-step photos are instructive but it is the finished dish that tempts.  We appreciate his kind words and the enthusiastic response we’ve received from readers of his blog and the recipe in question. [Hint: Its secret ingredient is Almond Paste.]

 French Pear Frangipane Tarte