We receive emails and calls each and every day asking common questions about Almond Paste, marzipan and the rest of our products.  Here are some answers to our most popular questions.

Are Love’n Bake ™ products kosher? All of our products are certified kosher pareve by OK Laboratories.

 What is the difference between Almond Paste and Marzipan? Almond Paste and Marzipan are closely related. While there is no standard of identity for Almond Paste and Marzipan there are some general guidelines. Almond Paste is made from 1 part or more almonds to 1 part sugar.  Almond Paste is used as an ingredient in cakes, tarts and pastries.  And it can be used to make marzipan.

 Marzipan can be made with 1 part or more almonds to 3 parts sugar (both granulated and liquid).The addition of liquid sugar makes the paste more pliable, suitable for molding into fanciful shapes.  Marzipan can be tinted and rolled to cover cakes and pastries.

 What is the ratio of almonds to sugar in Love’n Bake ™ Almond Paste? Love’n Bake ™ Almond Paste and Marzipan has one of the highest percentages of almonds. Our Almond Paste contains approximately 2 parts almond to 1 part sugar

 What is the ratio of almonds to sugar in Love’n Bake ™ Marzipan? Our Marzipan contains approximately 1 part almond to 1.5 parts sugar

 What is the difference between Almond Paste or Marzipan packaged in a can versus in a tube or other plastic packaging? Steel cans provide a dark and totally sealed container in which to package food. We use steel cans to insure freshness.  When exposed to air and light, almond paste and marzipan will discolor, dry out and loose flavor.  Plastic film packaging can expose almond paste and marzipan to light and air. This is not of concern when such products are packaged in cans.

What is the best way to store an opened can of Almond Paste or other Love’n Bake products? We recommend that our products be covered tightly with plastic wrap then foil and stored in the refrigerator or a cool cabinet.  This way the products should stay fresh for a month or longer. Another option is to wrap the can tightly and cover as described then freeze.   Because air in the can may dry out the Almond Paste or Marzipan, you may also want to remove the remaining paste, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap.  Then place that in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid and store.  The Hazelnut and Pistachio Pastes are easier to store but they can loose flavor as their volatile oils are exposed to air. 

 How long does an opened can of a Love’n Bake ™ product keep? Use opened cans of our products within 1 to 2 months of opening for best results.

 Must opened cans of Love’n Bake ™ products be refrigerated? Once opened, all of our ingredients should be kept tightly covered and refrigerated until needed because nut products contain beneficial oils which are prone to rancidity when open and left at room temperature.

 What is the difference between a Nut Butter and a Nut Paste? Nut butter refers to nuts that may or may not be toasted before being ground into a smooth, creamy spread such as almond or peanut butter.  Nut paste usually refers to ground nuts that have been blended with a quantity of sugar.  Nut Pastes may be made from raw nuts that are cooked with sugar, such as for almond paste and marzipan.  Some Europeans made this type of paste with raw pistachios.  Apricot kernels may also be made into a paste of this type.

 What is Praline and Hazelnut Praline? The word praline refers to a number of candies and preparations that combine toasted nuts and sugar. The word comes from the French term praliné, which means  the process of cooking almonds or hazelnuts with sugar until toasted and caramelized.  Americans hear the word praline and think of a pecan candy.  The confusion comes from French Acadians settling in New Orleans in the 18th century.  They used pecans, the only nuts on hand, adopting the name praline for their signature sweet.

 Hazelnut Praline is a blend of toasted nuts ground with sugar. In the commercial kitchen, Praline paste is usually made with hazelnuts. Our Hazelnut Praline is made from toasted hazelnuts which are ground and blended with sugar to make a smooth sweet paste just right for flavoring butter cream icings, puddings, ice cream and velvety fudge.

 How much sugar is in your Praline Paste? Our Hazelnut Praline is approximately 2 parts toasted hazelnuts and one part sugar.

 How is Pistachio Paste made?  What kind of flavoring is used in Pistachio Nut Paste? First we lightly toast pistachios then grind and blend them with sugar and flavorings.  Some oil is added to make the paste smooth and creamy because the oil content of pistachios is low.  We add a touch of subtle natural flavoring to give our paste the aroma of fresh Mediterranean pistachios.

Can the Poppy Seed Filling be used directly from the can? Our Poppy Seed Filling is a smooth blend of finely milled Dutch blue poppy seeds and sweeteners and can be used directly from the can as a filling for ethnic pastries and breads.  Because it has a high percentage of poppy seeds, you may like to stir in a teaspoon of vanilla extract, lemon juice or brandy before using to adjust its consistency. The taste of this filling may vary slightly from batch to batch as it is made from an agricultural product but this has no bearing on its quality.

 Why does oil float to the top of Almond Butter and other products? Our Hazelnut Praline, and Natural Pistachio Nut Paste are natural products that DO NOT contain a stabilizer which has been made from hydrogenated fat. Therefore natural oil separation may occur over time in these products and should be stirred back in before using.

How do you use Lekvar?  Can Lekvar be spread on bread or eaten directly from the can? Lekvar is a natural prune purée made by cooking select California prunes with sugar to make a smooth, thick and spreadable fruit butter. It is the perfect for filling hamantaschen, prune Danish pastries, and sweet yeast breads.  And it can also be spread from the can directly onto bread, rolls, and toast or spooned into yogurt for breakfast.

 How do you use the Love’n Bake ™ “Schmear” Fillings? Our “Schmear” fillings are ready to use fillings for baked goods such as yeasted sweet dough used to make coffee cake, sticky buns, babkas, croissants, brioche or Danish pastries. Rugelach pastries, puff pastry or other dough pockets can be filled with the “Schmear” fillings before baking.  Our “Schmear” fillings retain their intense flavor after baking. They are designed not to run or flow. And, when enclosed in a dough or batter, they retain much of their moist texture.

 We always recommend that you let the Schmear products come to room temperature before using.  You might also try putting a cup of the Schmear in a microwave proof bowl and warming it to 5 seconds at a time until it is slightly softer.  Be careful thought or you could start to cook the Schmear and it might dry out a bit.

 Here are some serving suggestions for our Love’n Bake ™ Almond, Cinnamon or Chocolate “Schmear” fillings.

 These “Schmear” fillings may be used with scratch dough or popular dough sold in the refrigerator case – biscuit dough, crescent roll dough, cinnamon roll dough or other yeast dough.

Pie or Tart dough – spread the “Schmear” fillings on the bottom before filling with fresh fruit or custard then bake.

Our “Schmear” fillings may also be spooned into cake batter to create an intensely flavorful pocket or swirl of almond, cinnamon or chocolate taste after baking.

How do I convert a recipe that calls for weight into cups or volume measurement? There are approximately 10 ounces of Almond Paste in 1 cup. 8 ounces is the weight of approximately ¾ of a cup.  (We say “approximately” because volume measuring is not 100% accurate.)

There are approximately 11.75 cups of Almond Paste in a 7# can.  We say “approximately” because we pack our products by weight not volume.  In order to determine the weight in each cup, we had to pack a dry measuring cup with paste.  We get 9 5/8 ounces which we rounded down to 9.5 ounces per cup.  Measuring by volume can be inaccurate that is why these products are sold by weight.

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