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Chocolate Earthquake Cookies To Rock Your World |

Chocolate Earthquake Cookies To Rock Your World |

Nice that Parade Magazine online picked up our latest gluten free recipe.

Trust a Spy, a Cake Spy That Is

Earlier this summer we sponsored a giveaway for readers of Cake Spy. We asked them to tell us what they would do with some of our products. The ideas they shared will keep our test kitchen busy for years. To whet your appetite and inspire your next baking session, here are some of the suggestions that really caught our eye.

• Crepes layered with Chocolate Schmear; Hazelnut Praline filling in crepes with strawberries and bananas.
• S’mores with Chocolate Schmear
• Chocolate Lava Cakes with Hazelnut Praline filling
• Almond-Filled Cupcakes
• Hazelnut Praline Brownies or Layered Blondies with Chocolate Schmear
• Inverted Oreo cookies with Chocolate Schmear filling
• Cherry Almond tart
• Warm Homemade Biscuits with Schmear and fruit filling
Torta mil Hojas – a Chilean buttery layered cookie cake filled with dulce de leche with a glossy Chocolate Schmear icing.
• Lollicake – cakes on a lollipop
• Amsterdammertjes (or Rondos). A delicious buttery pastry with an almond paste center.
• Mini-Empanadas with the hazelnut praline cream.
• Hazelnut Praline spread on a warm Cake Doughnut
• 3-layer chocolate cake using the Hazelnut praline between the layers. Would also mix a bit into the mocha frosting that would encase all that goodness!
• Hazelnut-Praline-Filled Kinder Bueno cupcakes (A hazelnut filled wafer bar coated in chocolate from Ferrero.)
• Almond Pear Cupcakes, Almond Pear Bread Pudding
• Praline everything! Praline cookies, praline ice cream, praline truffles, praline ganache, praline streusel for muffins!
Rice Krispy Treats… spread half the mix in the bottom of the pan.. top with Chocolate Schmear.. and then top that off with the other half of the rice krispy treat mixture.. thus making a Rice Krispy Chocolate Schmear filled bar… sounds yummy!
Homemade Pop Tarts!

Start Your Ovens

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Fresh Plum Almond Torte

There is one recipe that the New York Times has published each autumn for over 20 years, Marion Burros’ Plum Torte. Inspired, but not wanting to tinker with such success, we gently adapted her recipe adding almond paste and a few enhancements to the batter.

Plum Almond Torte

When baked in a shallow tart pan, there is room for a generous amount of fruit and the crust is delectably crunchy. We prefer Santa Rosa type plums but prune plums work well. And this recipe would be delicious with plucots should you be fortunate enough to find them in your local market.

Here’s the Fresh Plum Almond Torte recipe.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Almond Milk Rice Pudding

Almond Rice Pudding

Almond milk made from almond paste and water is a refreshing beverage served in Mediterranean countries during the heat of summer. Here it adds a creamy richness and delicate almond flavor to slow-cooked rice pudding. (Do not substitute Marzipan, which would make the pudding too sweet.) Serve this pudding dusted with ground cardamom, or cinnamon, if you prefer. We also like to serve it topped with finely diced ripe pineapple, dried apricots or fresh berries.

Here’s the recipe for Almond Milk Rice Pudding.


FROM OUR RECIPE BOX- Plum Crumble Almond Cake

Tartine Bakery in San Francisco is a must-visit for any serious foodie or just those who love a great bakery. We took inspiration for this Plum Crumble Almond Cake from a breakfast cake they sell, a recipe for which appears in their cookbook. Our favorite Almond Tea Cake batter forms the moist base for a layer of plums topped with buttery crumbs.

Plum Almond Cake

You can use an assortment of fruit; peaches, cherries, raspberries, blueberries would all work well. Even a layer of quality fruit preserves could be used in place of the fresh fruit. As much as we’d enjoy this for breakfast, it really makes a perfect summer dessert. Slice it thinly and you can justify a dollop of cream on the side.

Here’s the recipe for Plum Crumble Almond Cake.