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From a Friend – Chocolate Rugelach

Denufoods, DElicious and NUtritious foods,  has a great recipe for Chocolate Rugelach on its blog using Love’n Bake Chocolate Schmear.  The pastry looks so perfectly formed and delicious.  Thanks!



The joyous festival of Purim, a Jewish celebration of survival begins at sundown on February, 27th 2010 (Saturday). It ends at sundown on February, 28th 2010 (Sunday).  Among the favorite foods of the festival are Hamantaschen. A traditional pastry of the feast, hamantaschen is a delicious triangular-shaped dough bursting with poppy seed filling. (We like it with our Prune Lekvar and the Chocolate Schmear is also delicious in this dough.) 

The dough for these flaky cookies is easy to make. Enlist a friend or two to help roll out and fill the little triangular shapes before baking.  

For the Hamantaschen recipe, click here. 

From a Friend – Hazelnut King Cake

Michelle Meche's Hazelnut King Cake

 Let the good times roll.  Michelle Meche won an inspiration box of Love’n Bake ingredients through a contest we sponsored with Foodie Blogroll.  She was kind enough to send us the link to her post and this message. “I (finally!) made a King Cake using the hazelnut praline that was part of my goodie box.  The recipe makes a traditional New Orleans style King Cake.  The hazelnut praline worked very well as a King Cake filling.  No problems at all and the flavor it lent to the cake was great.”

Don’t forget. Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday, February 16, 2010.  Visit Michelle’s blog for this recipe.

From a Friend – Almond Macaroons with Star Anise Ganache

Eddy Vandamme's Almond Macaroons


 Eddy Vandamme is a pastry chef extraordinaire.  European-trained, he is now a teacher in Houston, Texas. He made these almond macaroons sandwiched with a delectable star anise and olive oil ganache. Wouldn’t they be perfect with a glass of sparkling wine on February 14th?   

In his informative discussion of how to make these treats, he observes that, when made with almond paste, macaroons develop an appealing crackly surface.  When made with almond flour, the macaroons develop a smooth surface. 

 Visit his blog for the recipe and step-by-step photos.

Mardi Gras – Let the Good Times Roll

King Arthur Flour's King Cake Mix


King Cake 

New Orleans is gearing up for Mardi Gras, Feb 16, 2010. Our friends at King Arthur Flour have come up with a nifty kit for making King Cake, the signature sweet of Fat Tuesday.  If you’ve a hankering to try your hand at making this brioche-like ring full of sweet almond filling, visit their web site. 

 Click here for the King Arthur Flour King Cake Mix.

Last Minute Valentine Recipe – Sweetheart Chocolate Marzipan Bites

Sweetheart Chocolate and Marzipan Bites


Running out of time for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a sweet morsel you can whip up for that “special someone” in just a few minutes.

A little marzipan is tucked underneath a dollop of our Chocolate Schmear in a mini tart shell. When warmed, the Schmear softens and its flavor blooms. Pop these in the oven for a few minutes then top with a slice of fresh strawberry or a few raspberries. If you’re feeling crafty, mold tiny heart from marzipan to garnish each tartlet before serving. You’ll find buttery tartlet shells at specialty supermarkets but frozen phyllo dough shells will work just as well.

For the Sweetheart Marzipan Bites recipe, click here.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Chocolate Marzipan Heart Cake

Chocolate Marzipan Heart Cake



The rich flavors of marzipan and chocolate always spell romance. This is a delicious special occasion cake, made stunning with a marzipan plaque made from a House on the Hill Mold. (Tinted Love’n Bake Marzipan rolled and cut out in a heat shape will also do the trick.) 

We made this heart-shaped cake with basic brownie mix but any brownie recipe made in heart-shaped pans will do. Cover it with a 5-minute chocolate glaze and you have the perfect canvas for marzipan embellishments. 

For the recipe, click here.