FROM OUR RECIPE BOX- Crostata di Mandorle, Italian Jam Tart


Almond Crostata

 Italians make a simple jam tart out of a rich shortbread dough called pasta frolla. We’ve taken this idea and added almond paste to give it an extra nutty edge. When filled with an intense fruit jam – we tried it with autumn olive berry jam made from berries picked in New England – you have a lovely dessert. The plums are optional. (Ripe peach slices would work as well.)

Our crostata keeps and travels well so consider it making it for a picnic or a tailgate party. This recipe is forgiving. Use a smaller pan and save half the dough for another recipe. Make certain the tart is completely cool before slicing or the jam may ooze from the tart. You can warm the crostata slightly before serving, just they way we like to eat it with a cup of black tea.

 For the Italian Jam Tart recipe, click here.


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