FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Pignoli Cookies

Almond Macaroons and Pignoli Cookies

At this time of the year, we receive the most requests for a good Pignoli Cookie recipe. And this is the one we recommend, an elegant Pignoli Cookie or Almond Macaroon that is light and tender. We like to savor just one with a dark cup of espresso or a touch of vin santo

This recipe for Pignoli Cookies bakes into nicely puffed rounds.  You add only as much egg white as needed to make a smooth yet firm paste.  (Three large egg whites does the trick for us.)  Bake the dough in small mounds on parchment paper-lined baking sheets.  One trick to get them to release easily from the paper is to pour a tablespoon of water under the paper as soon as the cookies come from the oven.  Some steam is released helping you lift the cooled cookies off the paper. (A nice flat spatula works well too.)


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