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RECIPE UPDATE – Whiskey Scented Baked Apple with Orange Almond Filling

Whiskey-Scented Baked Apple

Here’s a baked apple for grown ups. The secret ingredient is a splash of whiskey in the cavity of each apple before stuffing. While it bakes, the alcohol burns off leaving the smoky mellow taste of the spirit in each apple. (A splash of orange or lemon juice will have a similar effect.)

The almond filling adds just enough richness to make this a party dish. (It is the same filling we’ve used to stuff apricot, nectarine and peach halves before baking.) Serve the apples hot from the oven with a generous scoop of ice cream and a few dribbles of caramel sauce.

EVENTS – Pudding Hollow Pudding Festival

Pudding FestivalLooking for good food and merriment with a touch of history? Consider visiting Hawley, Massachusetts this Halloween for their annual Pudding Hollow Pudding Festival. It’s a contest and celebration of the humble pudding and this tiny New England hamlet. There’s music, crafts and a pudding competition anyone may enter. According to organizers, the Sons and Daughters of Hawley, testing the skills of town’s cooks dates back to the 18th-century. Once again, we’re happy to be supplying some products to be added to the prize baskets.

Apple Festival

Crisp, tart, sweet and tangy, it’s apple season. In celebration of their peak, here are three apple recipes we hope you’ll enjoy.

A warm and portable apple pie with a hint of almond is one recipe we think you’ll find many excuses to make. We’ve updated the apple charlotte with a layer of cinnamon and we’ve retooled the baked apple with a creamy almond filling and a hint of whiskey, which can be omitted for the younger set.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Apple Almond Cream Cheese Hand Pies

Apple Almond Cream Cheese Hand Pie

Warm apple pie says autumn like nothing else. But if the crust is soggy or the filling runny, there’s only disappointment. Hand pies or turnovers rarely get soggy if you bake them long enough so that the dough develops a nice brown color. The layer of Love’n Bake Almond Schmear adds an aromatic note but also acts as a moisture barrier, which helps keep the pies crisp and flaky. A knob of cream cheese is a tasty surprise. It balances the sweetness of the apples and filing while adding a rich note.

This all purpose dough has great keeping properties. If you use it to make these pies, they will keep for a few days when stored loosely covered at room temperature. That is, if you don’t eat them all hot from the oven.

Apple Almond Cream Cheese Hand Pies

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Cinnamon Apple Charlotte

Cinnamon Apple Charlotte

The classic apple charlotte, layers of buttered bread and cooked apples, gets a makeover with our Cinnamon Schmear Filling. Whether you use Braeburn, Macintosh or other baking apple, cook the filling long enough so that it becomes quite dry. This ensures that the charlotte will hold its shape after cooking. (Using a wider, squat casserole will make a shallow charlotte that will be easier to cut while still warm.) Enriched bread such as Challah would be a good choice for this dish although any type of quality sliced bread will do.

As this dish celebrates the flavors of apple and cinnamon, it needs little garnish. A simple spoon of whipped cream, sour cream or yogurt should do.

Cinnamon Apple Charlotte