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Father’s Day

Logo for BlogGive a round of applause to the Dads in your life this month with something home made. Cherry season arrives shortly and our homey cherry cobbler with a hint of mint and an almondy crust is sure to please. Or surprise him with a flaky palmier spiked with cinnamon. Reading the daily Wall Street Journal will be so much more sweet.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Cherry Mint Cobbler with Almond Biscuit Crust

Cherry Mint Cobbler Almond Biscuit Crust

Cherry Mint Cobbler with Almond Biscuit Crust

 Almonds and cherries go well together in part perhaps because they are related botanically. Members of the genus prunus – along with peaches and plums – almonds and cherries share that distinctive almond extract note. (You’ll find it within the cherry pit, which is used in Eastern Europe to make a flavoring extract.)

With this in mind, we have little trouble coming up with a summer cherry cobbler with a rich almond paste biscuit crust. The mint adds some freshness to the cherry syrup but can be omitted if desired. When making the biscuit topping, be sure to flatten the dough to a thickness of 3/4-inch or less. You want there to be as much filling as crust on top. And some people might like a thinner crust. (Bake the biscuits on a baking sheet and used for strawberry or peach shortcake.) And don’t rush baking the cobbler. You want the topping puffed, nicely browned and cooked through.

Cherry Mint Cobbler Recipe

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Cinnamon Palmiers

Cinnamon Palmiers

Cinnamon Palmiers

Palmiers or elephant ears are addictive puff pastry cookies, crunchy and caramelized with granulated sugar. A generous layer of Love’n Bake Cinnamon Schmear gives them an added dimension.

Use purchased puff pastry following the package instructions for thawing them. We’ve found that heating the Cinnamon Schmear briefly in a microwave helps make it more spreadable, especially if you prefer a thinner layer of filling. For a more even appearance, you can flip the pastries once they have baked half way. (We found this an unnecessary step but share it for those who might be interested.)

Cinnamon Palmiers