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Baking to ward off the winter chill.

Love'n Bake

With the cold settling in, we’re looking for comfort foods, the kinds of things that making staying home in a storm a special occasion.  What better meal than breakfast to ward off the winter chill? Our Orange Almond Muffins are moist with the chopped pulp of a juicy orange.  Designed for breakfast, they are good enough to serve as dessert. And we’ve sandwiched a layer of gooey Chocolate Schmearinto scone dough.  No need to serve it with jam or butter.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Orange Almond Muffins

Orange Almond Muffins

Orange Almond Muffins

The combination of orange and almond brings to mind freshness and sunshine.  These muffins combine the best of both.  Orange juice and orange chunks in the batter add moisture, which the almond paste helps retain. The zest in the glaze adds a perfume and flecks of orange taste.  It may seem surprising to add diced oranges to a batter before beating but this works well to add moisture to the batter. (You won’t really see pieces of orange in the baked muffins.)  Instead the crumb gets a golden hue and intense orange flavor.  Make these muffins in winter at the height of the citrus season.

 We’ve adapted this recipe from one in a collection we have in our office files that bears no source. We’ve scoured books and the Internet but cannot find anything like this recipe.  To the originator of this yummy creation we offer our thanks. For the Orange Almond Muffins Recipe, click HERE.

FROM OUR RECIPE BOX – Chocolate Scones

Chocolate Scones

Chocolate Scones


If you like buttery, flaky scones, this recipe is for you.  We’ve paired our favorite scone dough with Chocolate Schmear.  The fudgy layer of deep chocolate compliments the crisp butteriness of these scones. Be sure to knead the soft dough just enough so that it develops some elasticity.  But try not to over knead so that your scones are tender when baked. (Four to six good turns should work well.) Work gently to spread the Schmear so as not to tear the dough.  And if you do, no need to worry.  The dough can be easily patched.  Swirls of chocolate throughout the scone when baked add to its appeal.

For the Chocolate Scones Recipe, click HERE.